20 April 2014

S599 - Umrah 2014 Part 1


Alhamdullilah, I'm back from Umrah weeks ago. I was a short and unplanned trip, yet it will be the most memorable Umrah trip. We went there on our own, without travel agent or mutawif. It sounds risky and challenging kan going their without mutawif, even I am not truly confident of this idea at first, but Alhamdullilah everything is okay.

We (read as a group of 14 great companion) departed from KLIA on 23rd March mid-day. Transit in Dubai for two hours, and reached Jeddah before Maghrib. This is view of dessert Dubai from plane. I never been to Dubai before, and unfortunately our two hours transit is not enough for us to walk around - sight seeing around Dubai city. Maybe I could plan another trip just for Dubai perhaps?

We took a bus from Jeddah to Madinah. I slept all the way until we arrived Madinah. We stayed at Al Haram hotel which is just few meters away from Masjidil Nabawi. I rate this hotel for five-stars!

Since we just have approximately three days in Madinah, we tried to grab all the opportunity visiting Raudhah and performing prayers in Masjidil Nabawi. Picture of Raudhah (Green Dome) taken from outside Masjidil Nabawi and Raudhah area had been set with green carpet. Everyone would try their best to have the chance performing any solat sunat on those green carpet, including us!

It us inside Masjidil Nabawi, while waiting for our turn to visit Raudhah. Can you see how beautiful is the interior design of the mosque? Masjidil Nabawi even have roof that can be open. So high-tech kan? Sigh. I don't have the video/picture of the roof to be shared. 

This is the view of Masjidil Nabawi's crowd after Isyak. Millions of Muslim from all over the world came here to perform prayers. And even little kids follow their parents to be apart of the jemaah. Subhanallah. How not to fall in love praying at this mosque if you could lively see all this good things happening here?

Our tour lead arrange a trip around Madinah city - visiting Quba' Mosque and Date farm for first-timer performing Umrah. We then travel to Mekah by bus. The journey took us around 5 hours. Luckily I'm not sleeping all the way to Mekah this time around, so sempat lah enjoy the journey and sunset view.

Till then, wsalam.