29 June 2014

S603 - sunday and highlands


I would prefer spending my weekend going to highlands rather than shopping malls maybe because I love nature more than shopping. hihi.

Colmar Tropicale is the nearest highlands from my place, so i asked my friend to bring me there last Sunday. There is a Rabbit Farm, full of rabbit families. Besides watching rabbits playing around, we can also feed the rabbit. And i suddenly became overly excited to feed the rabbit tho they are not that excited to eat. Rabbits not being fun, maybe sebab weekends kut. I end up gigih mencari rabbits yang lapar sebab excited nak bagi diorg makan.



There are also deer. Just for watching and taking picture, not for feeding i assume. If you can see clearly, one of of his horn missing kan? I wondering if any of hyperactive kids dah patahkan tanduk russ ni, and i ask my friend if my friend also think alike pasal tanduk rusa yang hilang sebelah ini.haha. crazy me.

After one hour, both of us decided to say goodbye to the rabbit since rabbit not being fun. haha. salahkan rabbit. 

and we then continue to our journey to genting highlands! it just 40-minutes away from colmar tropicale.

We were shocked with the crowd queue-ing for the cable car ticket. I don't expect that much tourists visiting getting highlands because the outdoor theme park been closed for renovation and it is sunday! nobody will be visiting theme parks if the next day they need to work. kan? or it just me who will ensure my body get enough rest during the weekends or else i will be bad mood on that lazy-monday. hihi

Okay, lets get back to the story.

We queue for almost 30-minutes for the cable car ticket. and we really enjoy the ride as our last time visiting genting highlands was two-years ago with our utp-mates. plus the cold-weather up there make me happy cause kuala lumpur is getting warmer each day. sigh..

the nature view on our way up..

The ride took around 40-minutes. We had our lunch there, and decided not to enter the indoor theme park as the indoor rides are not that challenging. hihi. We want something challenging and fun! So we decided to try on the haunted house. Dari luar nampak macam tak takut sangat pun, macam rumah hantu dekat fun fair je. However, the real things are not as what i expected. I scream-out-loud. Im totally not a haunted-house fan. Tsskk. Then continue with Believe-it or museum; calm and relax. I like this kind of places.

We head back to Kuala Lumpur and went to Lowyat cause my friend want to buy a new high-tech samsung gear. I suggest to have butter prawn for dinner, and my friend say yes. Butter prawn is my all -time favourite.

That's all. Thank you.

16 June 2014

S602 - Simple and easy life


How you guys been doing?

If you asked me, i would say i dont know what am i doing right now. Haha. Sort of bimbo kan? 

Well, my weekdays are too simple to be described. I wake up in the morning, get ready for work. Sometimes working is fun, sometimes working gives me heart-attack, sometimes working make me wanna cry. Too much emotions while working isnt it? Hahaha. 

After tired with all the drama and emotion events in office, 6pm will always be a need-to-back-home-now moment. 

While at home, i have my dinner, which i usually order dinner from the thai restaurant at home because it provide us with door-to-door delivery service! So good kan? Then get tomorrow's attire ready to be wore, in case i overslept, and get books or blogs or stalking others' facebook and finally sleep.

So simple kan? Sometimes i feel boring of my own simple and easy life. I should get ready for more challenging life kan? A marriage maybe?

Okay. I personally think a post without photo is boring. Here goes a photo of me at work last monday. Tibejeh.

Till then, wsalam.