31 December 2011

S557 - 31 december 2011


today is the last day for 2011.

kenapa semua org nak sibuk2 pasal tahun baru ni? awal muharram dah lepas kan. #justSaying

untung la kite.tyme awal muharram 1433 bole ade azam baru, tyme new year 2012 pon ade azam baru.secara tidak langsung, dah ade dua azam baru.seronok kan? kalau bukak je facebook and twitter, semua orang update azam tahun baru.em.saya punye azam tahun 2012 pule, nak jadi wanita yg lebih baik lah.sejajar dgn tagline ustazah pilihan, "terdidik wanita, terdidik generasi". memandangkn last year saya tak ade ape2 azam untuk tahun 2011, tak dapat la nk update samada azam tahun 2011 tercapai atau tidak.insyaAllah tahun depan saya update samada azam tahun 2012 saya tercapai atau tidak. =P

selain dari membuat status pasal azam baru, ramai jugak yg update ape diorg nk buat malam ni.ade yang bace yassin, ade yang pegi ipoh tgk firework, ade yang juge yang pegi makan best2.saya pule berinai di malam tahun baru.berinai di malam tahun baru doesn't sound too bad kan?

rasenye saya seorg je lah kowt yg berinai di malam tahun baru ini melainkn bakal pengatin/tunang yang akan bertunang/kawin esok.emm.mungkin tahun hadapan saya akan berinai jugak di malam tahun baru untuk menyambut hari berbahagia pada keesokan harinye.erk..

oke lah.saya doakan impian tahun baru korang tercapai!

sekian, wsalam~

S556 - eating season


actually this is the continuos part from this post.i intentionally make it into two part because i suddenly lost of words to write more yesterday because im busy stalking people and socializing on facebook.hihi.the moral of the story is do not blogging and socializing on the same time.

oke.back to the story..im not really into shopping now and im happy with that.but it turns out to make me more obses with food now.i just want to eat eat and eat. in these few months, i dont do any shopping thingy, but i do lots of eating thingy.

these are some eating photos of me and friends, me and family.ade byk lagi eating moment sbnrye,tp, xde gambar sbb tyme tue lapar sgt, terus makan and bile dah kenyang terus balik.hihi.

owh.this is picture of me and family eating at Hatyai last week.nie dikire tea break la.disebabkn ayah ckp kedai nie best, layan jela.mule2 tak yakin jugak nk makan sbb die mcm kedai biase2 je, tp, tue la.dont judge the book by its cover! walaupun kedai ni nmpk biase, tp, die best sebenarye!

emm.that all for my eating season...ade byk cite lagi nk update sbnrye, tp, xde mood pulak.ade mood nk update half way je.hihi

till then.

30 December 2011

S555 - shopping season


i used to know myself as shopaholic.and its true.i love to shops and i need to shops to make myself happy.and the most memorable moment is when i can shop heavenly at Oxford Street, London few months ago.it was like i bring and empty bag from Graz to London, and i bring back to Graz a full bag of 20 kg.i really enjoy shopping. even, when im going back to malaysia, i have to left all my old clothes at the airport due to overweight baggage.

besides shopping, i love reading as well. and i will tend to read books about shopping.and obviously sophie kinsella books will always be my first choice.haishh.bile dah asek bace buku pasal shopaholic je, mesti la semakin menjadi2 perasaan utk jadi shopaholic tue kannn..

i always hope i will changed one day.i dont want to be shopaholic forever. =( 

and alhamdullilah, since im back in malaysia after my internship, my shopping attempting getting lesser and lesser.that's good! mungkin sbb dah telalu banyak bershopping smpai dah xde perasaan nak bershopping dah.

till then.

28 December 2011

S554 - cat show 2011


me went to cat show last sunday.of course this show get me excited because i lovee cat.especially fat cat.haha.the photo of me and my aunty's fat cat is taken before our journey to cat show.she is cute kan?

oke.here we are!can u see the banner, Pertandingan Kucing Comel.this is a competition to be more exact.since i came here on the last day of the competition, it turns to be cat show instead of cat competition for my personal point of view.*suke hati je tuka name competition kan?* 

it is because most of the cat is sleeping! some of them are not-in-good mood.they dont even show any interest in entertaining anyone.haishh. sooo frustating.

let's see their bad-mood, sleepy cat faces.

 this white fluffy cat won two prizes.(one for the most friendly cat, one for the longest fur)

 can u see her booooring face? =(

 his name is toby.

 she dont even show her face when i call her..

 this cat won the overall prizes.

besides than cat competition, there are also sugar-glider competition. im shocked to know there are lots of sugar-glider freak.mybe because i prefer cat rather than sugar-glider.haha.

oke.i enclosed this post with the fat and long fur rabbit.i cant even see this rabbit's eyes because of the fur.

that's all.

19 December 2011

S553 - the weekend


i spent my last weekend with family.this is unplanned holiday actually.ayah had to attend a meeting at shah alam, so my siblings make a last-minute decision to join ayah.

we went to snowalk at i-city.seriusly the feeling is the same with the super-cool winter temperature.kalau nk feeling winter and tak mampu nk pegi overseas, bole la dtg sini. =)

supposedly, the main reason i  want to join them going to KL is because i want to try on orbing! unfortunately, orbing need to be booked at least one week before i can ride it =( sooo sad.i will definitely try on it after im done with my final exam.

since we cant try on orbing that morning, ayah decide to shop at IKEA.emm.IKEA is a-must-go-place btw because it is ayah's favourite shopping place.fyi, ayah never fail to shop at IKEA everytimes he went to KL.we have our lunch there.



and 17 december is my sister's birtday.happy birthday qilah! right after shopping, they sent me back to yutipi.i always hate this moment the most!

oke.dah takde idea nk cite ape.mengantok sbnrye..

till then.wsalam~

10 December 2011

S552 - week 11



this week is a very very very busy week.i have to submit THREE important assignment this week.my final year project report, my team project report, my malaysian studies report.and the worst part even when it comes to so-called 'team project' is no matter how fast, how early you submit your part, it will still be same if in the end you have to do others' part.

seriusly i hate to do all these last-minute works.emm to be more straight forward.i hate to do others' work actually.and there is no use to argue who is wrong, who is right. better saya buat je keje die.asalkan siap.kalo tak siap, effect markah saya jugak kann? hihi

and honestly, for this semester, this is the first time i cried over academic stuff! sbb terase mcm dah tak bole nk sabar lagi dah dengan masalah2 mcm ni.sorry.i have no intention to talk bad about someone else. it just that that person done too much and i cant handle it anymore. dont get me wrong.sorry again.=(

oke.done with assignment stuff and issue.

the next topic is testsss.testssss.oh noo test again.i have three tests next week.@_@ thank Allah because today is saturday.i still have some time to study.haha..

oh ya, my ex-rumate(wani) is here in yutipi! she claims she was here to rescue me from all these academic burden.haha.so sweett..we had pillow talk, ate nasi lemak ayam kampung, went to tesco seri iskandar, have dinner together.and we watch Ombak Rindu together and i cried watching that movie.oh my.oh my.i guess i terlalu berperasaan lah this week sbb byk sgt my crying and touching dramas.

oke then.thats all for now.


30 November 2011

S551 - my cat


this is my cat.well, he is not really my cat at the beginning.seriusly i hate him soo much before.#truestory

but his innocent face somehow melt my heart.sometimes, he looks so cute and fluffy!

can u see how cute he was in this picture? 

if you cant see that, i think im the only one person in this world who notice he is cute.nevermind.

btw.please excuse the wallpaper of my laptop.please bare in ur mind that im not that type of person who is obses with myself by putting my own picture as my laptop wallpaper..haha..

oke then.


S550 - busy again


wow! it has been almost two weeks i haven't update my blog.im kinda busy lately.i have tones of assignment need to be submitted nextweek.

i have one 10 chapter-test tommorrow nite! reading 10 chapter about malaysia history is just like reading a bedtime stories.i just cant brain reading history stuffs! wish me luck oke..

i just realise today is 30 november which means tomorrow will be december..

goodbye november, hello december! =)

stay tune.i will continue updating my blog after im done with all the test and assignment..erk.mybe another two weeks perhaps...

till then,


18 November 2011

S549 - eidul-adha 2011


we celebrate eidul-adha at kedah on the first day, and back to perlis on the second day.this is my big family on my mom's side.i love family gathering the most! we had family photo shoot since we don't have the chance to make it during eidul-fitri.

the pictures will tell you how harmony my big family is.hihi..

 *me.iffa.tok ayah*

 *my family*

 *pakchak's family.my mom's eldest brother*

 *paksu's family.my mom's youngest brother*

*paklang's family.my mom's younger brother*

 *my BIG family.yippiee*

 *with mak tok*

 *cute iffa!*

 *the ladies*

*G.iffa and baby(the fat cat)*

this is my eidul-adha sweet moments.how about yours? =)

till then.wasalam~

17 November 2011

S548 - jalan-jalan di perlis


sekarang saya dah bole kembali ber-blogging.sebenarye dah lame saya simpan post ni dalam draft.tak sempat-sempat nk post sbb busy sgt dgn test lately.alhamdullilah, dah abes semua test.rase mcm merdeka sangatsss!

oke.back to the story.mase cuti midsem baru-baru ni, rumate saya ikut saya balik rumah.biase lah, bile dah ade tetamu, mesti lah nk bawak die pegi tour2 around perlis.memandangkn perlis ni kecik je, dua hari pon dah bole abes tour.hihi

antara tempat yg best dkt perlis:

1. Kuala Perlis - rasenye tempat ini dah legend kowt.semua org pon taw pasal kuala perlis.kalo makan ikan bakar dekat sini, mmg superb! kalo korang ade rezeki dpt dtg perlis nanti, jangan lupe makan ikan bakar dkt kuala perlis oke..

2. Tasik Melati - tempat ini tak dela best sgt pon.biase2 je.tasik tempat org jalan2.kalo rase mcm dah xtaw nk pegi mane, bole la dtg sini.haha.

hihi.ade lagi tempat lain yg best seperti padang besar.rasenye mmg sgt familiar kan dgn padang besar ni.kalau rase nk shopping barang-barang murah, boleh la datang sini.macam2 ade.hihi.gua kelam pon best jugak.ala2 mcm gua tempurung.sape2 yg suke bende yg adventure, mesti suke dtg sini.

oke lah.kalo ade plan nk dtg perlis, bgtaw lah saya. =)

sekian, wsalam~

12 November 2011

S547 - handmade tote beg and pencil case


saya baru je siapkan satu beg baru and satu pencil case baru.bile ade barang2 baru ni baru la semangat nk belajar! hihi. disebabkan esok dah kne balik yutipi, tepakse lah tangguhkn semua keje2 academic and siapkan jahit-menjahit ni.

 oh ya.saya letak label dkt beg saya.feeling2 mcm beli dekat kedai lah, padahal buat sendiri je. =P

haa.ini pulak pencil case saya.saya buat pencil case bru sbb pencil case yg lame dah season lah.dah lame dah gune pencil case tue, since before intern lagik. =)

oh ya.ini pulak hadiah birthday from adik saya.dah lame dah birthday saya bru nk bagi hadiah.tak aci lah! naseb baik hadiah cantik, so bole dimaafkan lah..thank you adik!

oke lah.nak kemas2 barang pule.

and btw, hari isnin saya ade test, hari selasa saya ada test juge, hari rabu saya ade test juge, dan hari khamis pon ade test juge.kesimpulanye tiap2 hari ade test nextweek.study tak abes2 lagik. T____T
doakan saya ea =)

sekian, wsalam~