29 September 2011

S525 -wordless thursday

S524 - final year project


minggu ni agak busy nk fikir nk buat project ape untuk final year.susah jugak jadi final year student ni.lagi susa bile tak jumpe lagi sape nk jadi supervisor.xpela.terase serabut jap dgn sume2 ni.kejap lagi jelah smbung fikir pasal ni.hihi.

and lagi satu hal ialah saya tak faham nape comment-comment saya dekat facebook tue byk yg hilang.adakah tuan punya facebook tue yg delete sume2 comment tue, or facebook mmg ada masalah? emmm..sape bole tolong jawabkan...

oke lah.nk smbung bace buku cite pulak.

p/s: u used to say im always the one who can cool u down, but the fact is, u can cool me down as well.i miss you.. =(

sekian, wsalam~

27 September 2011

S523 - shopping & birthday present


im now in yutipi.and my lecture starts yesterday.*sigh* no more honeymoon moment.starting from now, i need to strive well for final year.yet, i still dont have any feeling of 'final year'.am i too heartless?

as usual, a day before semester start, my ex-housemates and me will do some shopping.it had been something like must-do-thing activity for us.haha.like seriusly every semester we will shop together a day before semester start.but this semester is difference.some of my housemates went for their internship, so we cant shop together like previous semester.sad =(

things will never be always the same.rite?

and one more thing, atul give me this cute baby marlow for my birthday.thank you atul! she already have another big marlow in her car.i should take the photo of big marlow somehow and share with you.hihi.next time ea.

jialin, which is my buddy back in graz for 8months and still we are buddy till today give me this handmade-card.fyi, jialin is very creative and she more arts! thank you jialin! this is photo of us few monts ago in graz.i kinda miss my leisure time back in graz....

sekian, wsalam~ happy tuesday =)

23 September 2011

S522 - birthday & postcard from vietnam


i had a not-stable-emotion disease these two days.yes.the next day after my birthday to be exactly.serabut sgt.pape pon, saya terima segalenye dgn hati terbuka.Allah always know the best.everyday I pray hoping this thing will settle really soon.because I cant handle it anymore.and Alhamdullilah, everyday back to normal today.thank Allah for accepting my prayer.syukur.

nothing much about my birthday.only few friends wish me on my birthday.its okay because i dont even mention my birthday date on facebook.nobody care to remember my birthday.haha.and thanks for those who send me text messages wishing my birthday.we had my birthday party today.dah besar, xdela beria sgt nk celebrate birthday.hihi

and I just receive a postcard from one of my coursemate this morning.he went to vietnam last week.thanks youu..

sekian, wsalam~

21 September 2011

S521 - my special day


today is my special day because today is my birthday!

happy 21th birthday to ME! 

sekian, wsalam~

19 September 2011

S520 - handmade laptop sleeves


semalam saya cabut gigi.sebatang je.kesanye sangat lah dasyat.lepas cabut gigi semalam dan seharian hari ni saya sakit gigi.hari ni je dah makan 6 biji ubat tahan sakit tue.yadoi.yadoi.

skang dah better sikit sbb bru je lepas makan ubat tahan sakit lagi. walau sakit mcm mane pon, hidup mesti diteruskan.btol x?

oke la.abis cite pasal sakit gigi.skang nk cite pasal laptop sleeves pulak.

hari ni saya jahit beg utk laptop saya.memandangkn nextweek dah start sem baru, so, laptop pon kne lah ade beg baru.baru lah besemangat nk sem baru kan? hihi.ditambah pule dgn saya yg dah tak menjahit 8 bulan, lagi excited lah nk menjahit hari ni.wlpn sakit gigi, saya mampu jugak menjahit.saya kene jahit banyak2 before bukak sem ni sbb nanti bile dah balik yutipi, dah xde mase nk jahit2 dah.

lagipun, saya ade tempah label before raya haritue.saya kne lah jahit banyak2 sbb nk gune label tue. =) kalo tgk btol dekat label tue, sepatutnye ade tulis 'handmade by ainulhusna' dkt bawah ORKED.tp, xnmpk sgt sbb telalu kecil lah pulak.

setelah sepetang menjahit dgn bantuan mak saya, siaplah laptop sleeves saya ni....

sekian, wsalam~

16 September 2011

S518 - final year & facebook


tak sabarnye nk jadi student final year.

i will be a final year student by next next week! oh my.it had been four year since i know you, since i've been in yutipi,since i've to force myself study subject that im not really into it,since i've being in 'pasrah mode' when i have to end up studying in malaysia.

four years ago, i blamed petron@s for causing others sponsor such as mara and jpa black-listing me from receiving their sponsorship.jahat kan? serius tyme tue rase diorg sgt jahat.sincerely, i study so hard for spm because i want to study abroad.and by the time i had to admit the fact that i dont have any chances to study abroad anymore for my degree, i cry almost everyday.its true!

but, Allah knows the best.kalo dah mmg ade rezeki utk study abroad, akan dpt jugak pegi study abroad, kan? sbb yutipi lah saya dpt buat internship dkt austria.erk.mybe sbb petron@s to be more specific.alhamdullilah.wlpn saya dekat sane almost 8 months je, tp, dpt pegi travel byk lah jugak.hihi.sbb internship lagi flexible dr study.xde kne masuk class, xde assignment, xde test.best sangat.

itu lah yg dikatekn takdir.Allah always know the best.banyak-banyak lah berdoa.kdg2 kalau kite tak dapat ape yg kite nak sangat2 tue, jangan la sedih.mungkin Allah akan bg jugak impian kite tercapai, cume kite kene tunggu la dulu.

emm.i create a new facebook account yesterday.facebook lame tue dah byk sgt friends yg tak kenal.dah mcm serabut sgt.sbb tue la buat facebook baru.and kalo saya tak add lagi and kite mmg kawan, add jela saya.nanti saya accept request tue.sorry sbb mcm pening2 sikit dgn setting facebook tue.hihi.link facebook baru saya ade dkt tepi ni =)

got to go.


15 September 2011

S517 - daily life


i had been quite busy lately.busy doing my own stuff, busy reading story books, went to alor star almost everyday for my dentist appointment.plus im not in mood of updating blog.and and i have some emotional problem too.i always be the one who is too emotional.hihi.but, im okay now.

btw, i just received a postcard from my officemate,in graz, Tobi.i think i had mention about him once in my blog.he went to canada with his girlfriend last month.i just wonder why he give me a postcard of kissing bear? does he know that i love bear? anyway, thanks friend.

and i will be receiving a postcard from vietnam too! perhaps, i should declare this month as postcard's month.hihi.ni yg seronok bile kawan pegi travel, nanti diorg hntr postcard dekat saya!

one more thing.i have an official keychain which i bought from barca stadium few months ago.at first, i bought for a special friend of mine since i know my special friend is a fan of barca team.not really a big fan actually.but, i change my mind.dont ask me why.im thinking of giving it to anonymous.anyone want it? just let me know okay =)

sekian, wsalam~

10 September 2011

S516 - eid mubarak 2011


happy eid mubarak to all muslim! i think its not too late wish now since eid lasts for one month.hihi.

emmm.in conclusion nothing much for this year eid's celebration.we perform solat sunat aidilfitri at perlis, then went back to my mom's house, then went back to my dad's house in kedah.the most excited part when it comes to balik kampung is to meet my cousin! ya.im really close to my cousin.we just like sibling.like my real big sister and brother.during first day of eid celebration, we went to pedu dam for photoshoot.hihi.photoshoot is more interesting than collecting duit raya.

that's all for my eid story. =)


09 September 2011

S515 - reunion


it had been a long time i haven't update my blog.i just in mood of reading others blog, not updating my own blog.hihi.most of my friends update about their eid mubarak celebration.erm.nothing special about my eid mubarak celebration.how bout yours?

oke.lets talk about eid mubarak later on.

yesterday i meet my close-friend.iylia.we are together since primary school till secondary school.we meet for a while because she is going back to shah alam tomorrow.i kinda miss her actually.plus i cant attend her open house last friday.hihi.so, we had some meal at Huski.a western meal.quite nice =) and we share stories, lots of stories.

and we plan to have another reunion mybe next month.she is coming to ipoh this time.yahuu.we (iffah, iylia and me) are primary-schoolmates and secondary-schoolmates.that makes us become more closer.our next reunion will be a perfect reunion together with iffah.i missing iffah too! =(

oh ya, i have a picture of my cat.posing like answering a phone call.haha.he has a cute paw btw.fluffy and pure white.

*hello.hello.anybody homeee*

oke then.got to go.will update pictures for my eid mubarak later.