30 July 2011

S500 - leaving Graz


Yesterday, i went to the Graz Stadt office to unregister myself as the citizen in Graz.im officially a tourist starting from yesterday.And today, i need to chek-out from my hostel, and im leaving Graz for good tonight!

btw, i hang out with the some friend yesterday.to enjoy my last two day in graz.haha.i definitely will miss you guys.

pray for my safe journey till the day i arrive malaysia. =)

salam ramadhan.

sekian, wsalam~

28 July 2011

S499 - oh!


if im barbie, i will definitely say,
"ken, u make me speechless for the whole day!"erk.i think "forever" is the most suitable word actually.

sekian, wsalam~

24 July 2011

S498 - krimmler Wasserfallweg


semalam, 23 July, saya pegi National Park dkt Krimmler dgn kawan-kawan.national park nie ialah national park TERbesar dekat europe.ia terletak di Grossglockner which is gunung yg TERtinggi di Austria and dekat sini jugak ada waterfall TERtinggi di europe.best! tibe2 terase mcm nature lover pulak.dah nk balik malaysia baru lah nk menikmati keindahan austria.ish3.seriusly, austria mmg cantik compare to other countries in europe.

oke la.disebabkn terlalu excited nk tgk waterfall tertinggi di austria, kteorg naek train paling awal pegi Krimmler.pkul545 pagi.journey die lebey kurang 5hours.and saya tido all the way to Krimmler.haha.

dlm pkul11 lebey cmtue, kterog smpai sana.and dkt national park nie ade 10 stage.impian kteorg mesti la nk smpai 10th stage.mule2 tue mmg besemangat la hiking.dah smpai 5th stage, sume dah start xlarat dah plus lapar lagi plus dah start hujan rintik2.FYI, sesape yg feeling nk jadi mcm barbie, xsuke hiking, suke sun bathing dekat beach je, better stay dkt 1th stage je picnin dkt tepi waterfall.sbb seriusly penat hiking! rase nk putus kaki.oke,itu sgt

tp, bile fikir pasal nk picnic dkt 10th stage,terus besemangat hiking lagi.and lagi.dlm mase yg same, hujan still turun lagi.and lagi.smpai je 6th stage, kami tewas.terus decide nk mkn je dkt restaurant dkt situ sbb xjumpe pon tempat nk picnic.

lepas makan, ade energy, smbung lagi hiking smpai 7th stage.alahai, rupenye2 kt sini bru ade tempat picnic.ish! miss satu stage je kan? xpela.still bole photo shooting.haha! emm, malangnye, mase kt sini, hujan semakin lebat pulak.kami tepakse batalkn niat nk terus hiking smpai 10th stage.tepakse la turun bawah je.

then, beli2 souvenir, terus balik around 430pm.itu lah kisah hiking dkt national park.pape pon, otw turun bawah tue, bole pulak ade impian baru nk hiking gunung everest.erk.nk smpai 10th stage pon dah xlarat.hahahaha.

at last, kteorg picnic dlm train je and the last 3hours, sume tido sbb penat sgt.smpai bilik pon terus tido xdinner pon.

haaa.mesti dah penat bace cite hiking saya kan, tgk gmbr lah pulak.dh jadi mcm photo gallery pulak.

oke.b4 sambung tgk gambar, nk cite pasal dog nie jap.saya suke la tgk dog yg besar and fluffy.comel sgt.rase mcm nk peluk je! tp, dlm agama saya, xbole peluk dog, so, saya tgk dr jauh je.and mase kteorg hiking tue, ade jumpe satu dog nie mase makan dkt 6th stage tue.so, saya pon decide nk amek gmbr dgn dog nie since dah balik malaysia nanti, mesti dah xle jumpe dog yg comel mcm nie.then, lepas je posing tepi dog nie.tibe2 je die bangun n dtg kat saya.haa.cuak oke.dah la die besar.saya pon ape lagi, lari laaaaa.

i told you, that dog is BIG.oke, bole smbung tgk gmbr,dah abes cite pasal dog itu.

sekian, wsalam~

22 July 2011

S497 - i love to cook!


nk buat decision nk beli souvenir ape utk kawan itu dan kawan ini lagi susa dr jawab final exam kan?

u agree with me?

oke la.lets put that issue apart.this time, i want to talk about how i change a lot during these 8 months.to be specific: in term of cooking.

yela, before this, cooking will be my last thing in my list.im kinda hate cooking plus i dont really know how to cook.haha.and the first thing that my mom very worried about when i first get the offer to do my internship in austria is "what i will eat everyday".and i tell u, my mom buy me lotss of food include brahim, perencah nasi goreng, maggi, etc etc etc, all those eat-to-cook food, because back in malaysia, i rather keep myself hungry than go to the kitchen and make some food.malas gile kan? haha.

but, i had changed now! i love to cook! seriusly.

part 1.during the first month in graz, i have a malay friend who is my floormate and he is my batch mate back in malaysia.everyday, we will cook together.and one day, he asked me to chop one whole chicken into small pieces.b4 that, he asked me whether i know how to chop the chicken or not? obviously i will answer i know it! even though i dont have any ideas how to chop the chicken.saya TEPAKSE potong ayam tue.poor me.btw, i always accompany my mom to the market so i used to see how people chop chicken into pieces.i tried to recall and start to chop that chicken in my own way.and amazingly, i manage to do it.bravo me! of course im talented to chop a chicken because im a girl.haha.to be sincere, that was my first time chopping one whole chicken into pieces. sekarang, saya dah terer lah.nanti kalo balik malaysia, saya dah confident nk masuk dapur and settlekn hal2 ayam nie. =P

oke.settle part 1.lets continue with part 2.since im here, i rarely find halal food and i cant live eating fillet-o-fish everyday.T___T seriusly, saya mmg malas gile nak masak mase mule2 smpai sini.better makan biscuit je.senang sikit.tp, smpai bile pon nk hidup dgn biscuit kan? so the only way to solve this problem is by cooking my own food.saya TEPAKSE memasak.tp,bile lame2 memasak, saya rase memasak nie fun lah! smpai tiap2 hari mesti fikir nak masak bende2 yg sgt complicated supaya bole spend byk2 masa dekat dapur.i really enjoy cutting cauliflower, carrot, onion.i love standing in front of the stove, waiting my food to cook.and now, i MUST cook at least once in a day, even a simple meal.skang saya dah pandai masak macam2.u know what, i even know how to cook nasi beriani now.lepas nie,balik malaysia,saya pulak lah yg in-charge memasak dekat dapur.

see.keadaan TEPAKSE sebenarye boleh mengubah seseorang kan? sbb before tepakse buat sesuatu tue, kite xkan pernah sedar kite sebenarye bole buat @ minat buat bende tue.*nape suddenly rase ayat last nie mcm serabut je.erk*

*nah, makan sausage*

oke la.thats all.cant wait to fly back and tell my mom, i love to cook!

p/s: just wondering what my Ken is doing rite now.emm...

sekian, wsalam~

20 July 2011

S495 - happy birthday G


today is my youngest sister's birthday.she is 11 now.happy birthday little girl! no matter how old she is, she will always be my little girl.forever =)

to my little girl:
happy birthday G.sorry, kakak wont be at home to celebrate ur birthday this year.im far far away from homeee =( but, kakak promise will buy u a special birthday present! okay?

my little girl had a blog and she is really good in creating fantasy stories.oh ya, her stories's secret admirer wish her, "i wish happy bday n hope she'll become legend like jk rowling". =P

with love,
kakak <3

18 July 2011

S494 - wordless monday


picture of me and JiaLin.currently busy with my final report.i somehow realise that im noob in using microsoft word. *sigh*

that's all.

sekian, wsalam~

17 July 2011

S493 - skype


i skype with my mom almost everyday until we dont really realise that we actually living at different country, different time zone.haha.that's the power of technolgy.oh ya, today i skype with the cat who used to sleep at my house.i dont really like this cat to be sincere.=P

at first he just look at the screen, then, he sit in front of the computer and start to press the keyboard.geek.cat also know how to use computer. =P

the point of this post just to tell about the cat story.lalalalaaa~

sekian, wsalam~

S492 - awak jangan la buat saya jatuh cinta


tdi saya bace blog Dr.Cinta, best plus die pandai lukis2.and saya tetarik dkt satu post die pasal lelaki jangan la buat perempuan jatuh cinta sbb hati perempuan sgt lembut.

sume gambar2 nie saya amek from blog tue.bukan saya yg lukis =P

credit to: Dr. Cinta for her sharing and nice drawing =) thanks Dr.Cinta..

sekian, wsalam~

16 July 2011

S491 - yesterday


yesterday is friday.yes.everyone know yesterday is friday.but one thing that everyone dont know is, i dont go to work yesterday! suke hati je kan? haha

i went to vienna, accompany jialin to settle her thingy and plan to lunch at KFC.however,the KFC's staff told me that there is no halal's KFC in vienna.so disappointed okay! i came all the way from graz to eat KFC. =(

at last, we end up shopping at stephansplatz.obviously shopping is double triple fun than eating KFC for me.haha.plus, everything is on SALE! seriusly shopping drives me crazy.bile nmpk je SALE, SALE, SALE terus lupe yg scholar xmasuk lagi.ish.ish.ish.i really need to manage my money very well or else i will bankcrupt i one day. =(

emmm.i have a dream to not be soooo-shopaholic. =P

that's all.need to continue my final report.


13 July 2011

S490 - iMAX


i went to iMAX yesterday for Transformers 3.to be sincere,i haven't watch Transformers 1 nor Transformers 2.so, i dont expect anything for Transformers 3.

iMAX is the best cinema in Graz according to my officemate. ya, no doubt.the screen is much much bigger and the 3D is awesome! or mybe there is awesome 3D in malaysia as well.my excuse, im not that type that really love to watch movies at the cinema.and everything about iMAX is satisfying me expect for its popcorn.it ONLY have SALTY popcorn.*sigh*.dah la saya lapar popcorn, skali popcorn die masin pulak.sedey btol.*rindu popcorn malaysia* =(

oke.about transformers 3,the part that i love the most is when they call bumblebee with the name of 'bee'.that is sooooo cute!

emmm.overall, transformers 3 kinda boring.mybe because i dont really into that kind of movies.i almost asleep during the show.well, i always feel sleepy while watching movie no matter how sweet, sad, funny or what so ever the stroy is.to my future husband, don't bring me to cinema for a date.or else, in the end, only you watching the movie and i watch my own movie in my own dreamworld. =P

oke then.thats all.

sekian, wsalam~

10 July 2011

S489 - Slovenia


i just came back from slovenia last night.it just a one-day trip to two-city at slovenia.we bring our supervisor from malaysia to slovenia as well since he want to have a trip to other country besides Austria.and a couple of married lecturer from utp also join our trip to Maribor.

we took a bus from Graz to Maribor.it just around 1hour ++ journey and yet i still manage to sleep in the bus.am i a girl who love to sleep? emm... oke2.back to business.we arrive Maribo around 8am in the morning, and all the shops still close.so we just have a walk around the city centre.

picture: 3 of us together with dr suzi and his husband, dr mokhtar in front of Maribor famous cathedral.

*this must be the landmark in Maribor according to Dr Arazi*

*one of the square at Maribor city*

picture above: Maribor Rathaus or also known as Maribor city hall.

picture below:me at the Maribor famous bridge with Maribor mountain as the backgroud.

*me and dr suzi.*

since our train to Ljubljana is around 1146am, and we just need 1hour++ to tour around Maribor city, so we still have plenty of time at Maribor.Dr Arazi suggest us to hike Piramida hill near by the train station.

This is the view from Piramida hill.picture below: Dr Arazi with Jialin and Peiying.

yeaaayyyy.im free! sincerely, im very happy to see the beautiful view from the Piramida hill.

*group photo at the top of Piramida hill*

at 1146am, we leave Maribor for Ljubljana.we arrive there around 0230pm and we only have around 1hours++ there.haha.because the last train back to Garz is around 4pm.

we have a quick walk.first we pass by the Dragon bridge.

then, the triple Bridge.this bridge is called triple because it have three different separate part/road on the bridge.

*on the triple bridge*

we arrived graz around 8pm last night.eventhough this trip is kinda tiring since we do some hiking thingy, but, yet this trip will be one of the memorable trip because three of us travelling with our supervisor. =)

p/s: im done with my internship final presentation.alhamdullilah, everything happen as it shoud be. =) and now, im praying i will get good grade for internship.

sekian, wsalam.

04 July 2011

S484 - words

Sometimes a girl keeps going back to a guy who treats her bad, because she's not ready to give up hope that maybe someday he'll change.

02 July 2011

S483 - I remember YOU


Trying not to miss me so much oke? I know i will miss you

Dont worry.im not playing around all these while.im just kinda busy with my android-stuff and busy reading this book and maybe busy spending times with my girl friends. =)

errr.and is it something wrong with my head because i will suffer for headache every nite?or mybe it is cause by the HOT weather? or mybe im thinking to much lately? or mybe yadayada?i cant think of any other causes anymore since im not a medical-related student.what a simple excuses not to think to much about health-related thingy.haha.



01 July 2011

S482 - Budapest, Hungary


saya bru je lepas edit travel list.lepas nie kalo bukak travel list tue, click je dkt name tempat tue, terus dah bole tgk post pasal tempat tue.itu pon kalo saya ade post pasal tempat tue lah.haha.

oke la.abes dah cite pasal tue.

last week, saya pegi Budapest.Budapest nie besar, tp, attraction places xde la byk sgt.so, sehari pon dah cukup utk visit Budapest.nothing much about Budapest.just a normal city centre. =)

first day, kteorg pegi visit National Museum.tp, xmasuk pon.pegi maek gmbr kt luar museum je.

then, kteorg pegi jalan2 dekat shopping street.seperti biase lah, kalo dah name pon shopping street, mesti la sume kt situ boutique best2.tp, disebabkn tujuan ke budapest utk becuti, so, xde la shopping ape2 pon.jalan2 window shopping je.

haaa.chp.chop.nk bgtaw korang sume.Budapest famous dgn Paprika.haha.saya pon bru taw pasal nie.sbb pelik nape sume bende nk gmbr or symbol paprika nie.rupe2nye, paprika famous dkt Budapest.

kebetulan mase kteorg kat sane, ade pulak dunaparty.so, mmg meriah lah.haha.

bridge dkt belakang tue name die Chain Bridge.nie one of the attraction la.n bridge nie nye design, lebey kurang mcm Charle's Bridge dkt Prague.

and kt belakang tue pulak, parliment Budapest.design die cantik kan?kterog amek gmbr from jauh jela sbb jauh sgt nk jalan pegi dkt situ.

haaa.currency die pon lebey kurang mcm Prague.3500 Hungarian Forint nie just untuk dinner je.kalo sape keje dekat Hungary, bole la feeling dkt salary yg bejuta2.haha

the next day, kteorg jalan dkt another side of Budapest.ade lagi satu bridge.cantik jugak.

salah satu square dekat Budapest.xingat lah name ape..

castle Budapest.cantik kan?classic =)

dekat depan Opera Budapest.Opera die xcantik pon.so, tangkap gmbr dgn signboard jela.haha

oke lah.thats all for Budapest.


sekian, wsalam~