01 September 2015

S621 - Perth, Australia


It's spring time in Australia.

Day 1

We board the first flight for Perth from KLIA2. As usual, i slept for the first three hours, and wake up hunger for food. We arrived at Perth International Airport six hours later. We took public bus from the airport to city centre which cost us AUD11 for a 'family ride' package.

Perth offers a free bus-ride within the city centre called CAT. We hop on CAT bus to Watertown outlet for shopping. Unfortunately the bus provide service up to 6PM. So we walk back to our apartment. Luckily, the weather is not so cold and it took us almost 30 minute to reach our apartment.

Day 2

We went to Fremantle on the next day. Fremantle is quite far from the city centre and a must place to visit in Perth (based on AirAsiaGo magazine). We rode on classic old train (similar to KTM in Malaysia) from Perth Train Station to the last train station called Fremantle. Fremantle is a placed to get cheap souvenirs and famous fish and chips!

I can say Fremantle is almost similar to Port Klang in Malaysia. I love Fremantle view of white birds at the port and we can get fresh seafoods with reasonable price here. 

Day 3

We rent a small car as we plan to visit places which is quite far from the city and not so convenience to take public transport.

With help from Mr GPS, we reach Araluen Botanic Park around 10AM. It's spring in Australia at the moment, and all flowers are blooming. We got a chance to see and feel the real tulip here. Tulips are everywhere all over the park. Most of the visitors have picnic with family and friends here, and some of them even have barbecue feast.    

Our next stop is Caversham Wildlife park. I am looking forward to meet and hug koala.  I even imagine a picture of me hugging a fluffy smiling koala. Unfortunately, all koala are sleeping and visitors can only touch them softly and took picture with sleeping koala.  I keep on asking the guard if i can hug the koala, and the answer is NO. Haha. I fly all the way to Perth for them, and they only greet me with a sleepy face? So frustrating.

Koala sleep almost 20 hours a day. 

Despite of koala being so boring and sleepy, kangaroo really make my day. They are so friendly and approachable. Australia is known as land for kangaroo. I ind it too mainstream to visit a kangaroo in Australia, so does I decided to meet a koala. Except the koala being so unfriendly to me.

Luckily we have kangaroo in this park.

We can feed them with food and also hug them! You can even see the kangaroo pouch with our own eyes. FYI, kangaroo baby have milk inside the pouch.

Day 4

We went to Pinnacles which is two hours drive from Perth city centre. I love this road trip because the view is different from our Malaysia highway view.

Back in Malaysia, we always come across with cow or maybe elephant crossing the road signboard. But in Perth, they have signboard of kangaroo or emu crossing the road.

We stopped by the rest area for some photos with Perth yellow bushes. The weather forecasted to be raining that day, so does it tells the gloomy skies of my jumping photo. 

Pinnacles Desert located at Nambung National Park, where rock spires out of the sand dune. We manage to get some photos here, before it start to rain heavily. 

Day 5

We walk around the city centre for souvenirs and perfumes, and Correlle before our late evening flight back to Kuala Lumpur. Buying Corelle and perfumes are highly recommended because the price are much cheaper here. 

I can't shop that much since i don't buy extra luggage on the way back. So bring back extra Australian dollars to be converted back to Malaysian Ringgits. This is my first time having extra cash for a holiday trip, am i matured enough not to shop too much?

Till my next trip, thank you.