20 May 2014

S601 - Singapore


Since everyone quite busy with works, and we really missed spending time together, so we decided to have a short trip to Singapore!

This trip is quite last-minute yet we still manage to have return flight ticket, hostel and USS entrance ticket booked in less than MYR500! I always be in character of kedekut person when in comes to let's budget our trip session, I will always opt for things with lowest price. Hihi. We bought our USS ticket using MasterCard promotion which only cost us MYR167 per person and stayed in high-rated hostel located at Little India area which cost us MYR113 for two nights.

We took an early morning AirAsia flight to Changi Airport to make sure we can spend the most time in Singapore. That is my first experience departing from KLIA2, excited! Unfortunately KLIA2 turn out our day to huru-hara and very miserable when they last-minute chance the departure gate 45-minutes before boarding time and even worst the new gate situated on the other side of the airport. Dah rasa macam join Running Man when we had to run catching the flight. Luckily we manage to board the flight. Or else, tak kan are lah cerita Singapore.

We arrived Singapore around 9 in the morning. We bought One-Day Singapore Tourist Pass which cost us SGD20 (include SGD10 for deposit) for unlimited mrt and public transport ride. Recommended for tourists. We took our first mrt trip to Little India to drop our luggage at the hostel and have light lunch at the Muslim restaurant next to the hostel.

All of us claims ourselves as adventurous and explorer tourists! So we decided to explore the city centre on our own without any tourist map as guidance. My friends did google places to visit in Singapore earlier. We first stop at City Centre station and walk all the way to Esplanade Park. Sangat jauh ye. And start our selfie and group photo session!

*at Esplanade Park, with Esplanade building and bridge and the ferris-wheel as background*

*the pagoda*

*the city centre view*

After the far and hot and not so breeze walking journey, only we get to know the nearest mrt station to the attraction hub is Raffles station. But, we redha and just enjoy the walking. 

*picture of us on a bridge on the way to Raffles station*

We continue our so-called explorer trip to Merlion and Marina Bay for light show which start on 8pm every night. And had our dinner at one of the muslim Swedish restaurant at Bugis area and surprisingly the dinner cost us MYR400 for 5 persons. As a budget traveller, i will opt to pay the dinner using credit card so that we won't realise that we are running out of cash. Tsk.  

*the Merlion. Combination of Mermaid and lion, i guess*

*the beautiful Marina Bay*

Thats all for our sight-seeing stories in Singapore.

Now, comes to our exciting and fun stories at Universal Studio Singapore. This will be my second time coming here and i always have a picture of crowded and long queue in USS as that is what i experienced during my first trip coming here.

Alhamdullilah, it turn out to be the other way round. We only need to queue for less than 5 minutes for each ride and managed to complete all rides by 4pm, waited until 430pm for the parade and i am really excited for the parade because elmo come and shake my hand! And of course after i call 'elmo' out loud few times. 

Oh ya, based on my experiences in USS, we did plan our day in USS. Each of us will have what she want to have in USS. I chose to have a picture with Marilyn Monroe! I told my friends, "Kita tak boleh balik selagi saya tak dapat ambil gambar dengan Marilyn". And i did it!

Basicly, i already shared lots of my experience in USS from my previous USS post.  

Time to say good-bye to USS and Singapore.

Till then, wsalam~

04 May 2014

S600 - Umrah 2014 Part 2


Let's continue my last-minute umrah adventure.

We arrived at Mekah around 8pm and straight away checked-in at Hotel Umm Qurra. Have a quick rest and then went to Masjidil Haram for tawaf, said and bercukur. MashaAllah, the Kaabah is so beautiful, just a bit crowded as someone told me that it was school holiday season in United Saudi Arabia. Most of parents bring along their kids here for umrah. Plus, praying area is quite limited as there is massive construction in Masjidil Haram. Can you see the hanging tawaf area in the picture? That is the temporary place for pilgrims using wheelchairs.

*picture taken from Masjidil Haram roof top*

Our team lead arranged few trip around Mekah-visiting places where pilgrims perform Hajj. Since we been here before and the places haven't change that much, ayah decided not to join any of the trip. He prefer to spend as much time as he could in Masjidil Haram since we only stayed in Mekah for four days before return back to Malaysia. I only join the first trip to Jabal Rahmah because i wanted to pray for jodoh. hihi.

*picture of us at Jabal Rahmah*

*view of Jabal Rahmah*

During Hajj, there is a moment where all Muslim will be staying at Arafah for a least one night. We visited Malaysian staying area in Arafah. There is a huge signboard showing all the facilities provided in Arafah.

*the sign board at Arafah*

View of Masjidil Haram during Subuh. This is during our last day in Mekah before return back to Malaysia.

View of Kaabah and tawaf area after Subuh prayer. Did you see the crane? InsyaAllah they targeted to complete this project by 2020. I been told that they will extend the mosque for 500m radius.  

Alhamdullilah we safely arrived Kuala Lumpur the next day morning. And be back in office on the following day.

Till then, wsalam~