31 December 2012

S586 - Universal Studios Singapore


my dream comes true! 

Finally, ayah brings us to Universal Studios Singapore. G and Amin were a bit excited as this is their first time going to such theme park. We took a shuttle bus from the hotel in Johor Bharu to Universal Studios Singapore; which took us more than one hour to reach there. Sempat lah nak tertido dalam before sampai USS tue.hihi.

As expected, tooo many visitors were heading there. Plus, it was on school and Christmas holidays on the day we went there. We had to queue for about 30 minutes before entering the theme park. 

*Can you see visitors queue on the entrance? Ramai kan.*

Before we start queue-ing at the entrance door, we took some pictures with the USS signature; the globe. semua orang yang datang sini mesti ade akan ambil gambar dengan globe ini.

So we start our journey walking through the Hollywood land. Ah-haa. I found my favourite cartoon; Elmo shop!

And this is the Hollywood street. The design of the building as well as the environment are just the same as movies cast in United States. I feel like walking in United States! Haha.

So, our first ride is at Transformers. And I am wondering, best sangat ke Transformers ride ni sampaikan semua orang pun nak try ride ni? To be honest, I am not a Transformers' fan and I dont even watch Transformers movies; except Transformers 3. Ade lah jugak sikit-sikit rasa menyesal queue dekat ride ini. sangat lama kut queue....

After one hour plus plus queue-ing, we reach the 3D glasses pick-up point. I start to feel a bit excited as I know we will be having the ride very very soon.

And, walla! the ride is sooo much fun! All the regrets feeling which I felt during the waiting time turns into excited feeling. The ride worth our time waiting for more than one hour. It was a 3D ride which make me feel like fighting for real in Transformers movie. For those whom are planning to come here, Transformers The Ride is a must! *cross-finger*

Then, we went to Ancient Eygpt land. Only G and me try on the Return of Mummy ride. Not bad, but scary jugak lah. It was an gloomy-dark, indoor roller coaster ride.

We had our lunch at one of the restaurant at this land as they serve rice. It cost us Singapore dollar 15 for one meal. They provided surau for muslim at this land. Maybe sebab Eygpt are muslim country, so all muslim-related thingy are placed here. Just my thought, not a fact.hihi. Oh ya, there are also a toilet with water pipe here (toilet yang paling ujung sekali yer). In conclusion, muslim are recommended to come to this land if you want to eat, pray and going to toilet. 

Jurassic Park is just normal. of course, full with dinosaurs. hihi. nothing much to describe. 

Next to it is Far Far Away land. My mother just when there while waiting for us spending time at the Jurassic Park. She manage to snap few photos of Shrek and Fiona as they just came out from the castle on that time. I expect to meet Shrek and Fiona too! Berusaha cari Shrek and Fiona. Unfortunately, we don't get the chance. Maybe by the time kteorang sampai, Shrek and Fiona dah masuk castle balik kut. wrong timing.

*welcome to Far Far Away*

*Shrek and Fiona's castle*

Then, we went to Madagascar land which is the last land to explore.

We took a boat ride at Madagascar land. Basically, the boat ride tell us briefly what is Madagascar movie is all about in an exciting way.

Before we left the studios, we take some photos at the Hollywood land again.

*the yellow taxi*

*with Kung Fu Panda*

I want to have a picture with Marilyn Monroe, but the queue was toooo long. I can't wait as we need to take a shuttle bus back to Johor Bharu at 7pm. So, ambil gambar tepi pun okay lay kan.

*Marilyn Monroe*

Have fun!

Till then, wsalam~

11 December 2012

S585 - my weekend


during my last visit to KL festival, which just 10 minutes by car from my house, I bought a sewing kit for a puppet. of course im kinda excited to have this sewing kit set as sewing always makes me happy!

so, i spent my weekend sew this puppet. cute kan? her name is Cherry.

and while shopping at the mini market nearby, I found this cat! to be honest, i miss my cat;Puko sooo much. lebih2 lagi after tengok Life of Pi sebab Richard Parker mcm Puko. Puko passed away last March. the moment I saw this cat, I straight away hug him. muke die macam tak rela je, me dont care.

till then, wsalam~

S584 - APICTA Award 2012


Alhamdullilah, we manage to get 2nd place for the APICTA Awards for the category that we compete. 
and the best thing is, the prize is given by Brunei Crown Prince.

till then, wsalam~

09 December 2012

S583 - Brunei


this is the view from the balcony. of course lah nampak sea kan, dah name bilik pun sea view.

and this is the front view of the seaview block. 

sorry wani, i ade dua je gambar hotel itu.hihi =P

okay.let's continue with sightseeing around Brunei. the day after the presentation, we decide to have a visit around Bandar Seri Begawan.we took the shuttle bus to the city centre as the hotel we stayed is quite far from the city. and i don't think any public bus will pass by the hotel either. it took around 50 minutes to reach the city centre.

to be honest, the Bandar Seri Begawan is not as busy as Kuala Lumpur. soooo calm and urban. i like! we went to Tamu Kianggeh; a market. i found lots of interesting/new things here.

first,  this bedak warn-warni (colourful face powder). sangat interesting kan? according to the seller, bride usually use this face powder for their wedding. hmm, saya pun tak faham sangat macam mane mereka guna face powder ni. mungkin pakai macam biasa, supaya muka mereka pun jadi warna-warni lah out.haha!

second, durian with red flesh. excited! im not sure either this such durian available in malaysia because this is my first time seeing such durian in Brunei. 

third, im don't know the name of this food. but im sure it is a food that human can eat. tak sempat nk interview peniaga market tue banyak-banyak. =P

forth, ketupat! tapi casing jer. im not whether we find any of this 'ketupat casing' at the market in malaysia. i just wonder, why they sell this ketupat casing at the market everyday? do they eat ketupat everyday? hmm...

fifth, the most interesting place at Bandar Seri Begawan is Kampung Ayer! this kampung is one of the place tourist must visit in Brunei. we had a tour around Kampung Ayer, which cost us $15. there are schools, petrol station(they just relocate the petrol station to the city centre recently), tourist centre; Kampung Ayer's museum , double-storey house, etc etc. this kampung is like another small town in Bandar Seri Begawan. mostly, people staying here own a private boat and they park their boat under their house. so cute! just like people staying at the land, park their car in fornt of their house..hihi. and for those who own a car, they need to park it at the city centre.

Houses at Kampung Ayer

I love Brunei. I got this for free at the Kampung Ayer tourist centre. if you're interested to know more about Kampung Ayer, you can have a visit at the tourist centre. they share the history of Kampung Ayer here.

water taxi for tourist and people who need a ride from kampung Ayer to the city centre.

after that, we walk around the Yayasan Bolkiah building; which is a shopping bazaar. we bought souvenir for family and friends here, Masjid Sultan Ali Saifuddin; a royal islamic mosque.

we had our dinner at Hong Kong Halal restaurant. their dim sum are superb! this is my first time eating dim sum, cause im not so into chinese food. five dim sum sets just cost us $11.50. murah kan?

at night, we enjoy the teh tarik at the lobby. this is the view of the hotel restaurant from the lobby. they said this the tarik is the most delicious teh tarik they ever found. and it's true, this teh tarik is the best!

after that, we had dinner at the hotel's chinese restaurant with the malaysia APICTA secretariat and judges.

presenting malaysia APICTA secretariat, Feroz and Kak Siti.

a day before we went back to malaysia, we both watch Life of Pie at the hotel's cinema. and the jacuzzi and sauna few hours before we fly back.hihi.

that's all for my Brunei stories.

till then, wsalam~

03 December 2012

S582 - APICTA 2012


so, here we are, in Brunei! Alhamdullilah, we been selected to be the winner for one of the national APICTA 2012 category. oh ya, fyi, my lecturer sent Hajj-G for this competition and we never expect to win at all. mungkin rezeki. and now we're here representing Malaysia for the category. yahuu! a part of being able to visit in Brunei FOC, dapat special leave for one week pun dah cukup besar rahmatNya. well, my boss always know i need a leave since i've been working so hard lately. attending 8-hours meeting every weekdays for one whole month.memang penat lah kan?

okay, working is not everyhting.let's continue with APICTA 2012. we arrived Brunei on Saturday evening, and we only start to rehearse and prepare the demo this morning. and again, alhamdullilah, the presentation goes very well. all the judges, except one chinese judge, seem to understand what our project is all about and how it benefit to the community. to be honest, both of us, especially my lecturer were very worried on how to convince the judges that our android apps can benefit pilgrims since we are competing for international level and obviously there are higher probability to get non-muslim judges rather than muslim judges. hmm, winning or losing does matter, as long as we have tried or best.

haa! all these while; the first two days in Brunei, were are just having fun staying in this first class hotel; The Empire Hotel and Country Club, in a sea view room. subhanallah, sangat cantik. enjoying the sea breeze every morning. superb! of course i'm taking this oppurtunity to relax, have enough rest, not thinking about works, since i'm having a restless life lately. plus we haven't met each other for quite some times, too many stories to updates about life, working and loveee. 

in conclusion, during these three days, we only work for only 4-hours and spend rest of the time having fun!

till then, wsalam~