30 June 2011

S480 - berubah


hari nie israk mikraj.alhamdullilah, bejaya bepuasa wlpn sekarang nie siang sgt panjang.subuh pkul2am and maghrib pkul9pm.sgt mencabar kan? xpelah.angap jela nie practise utk bpuasa ramadhan nanti.

seriusly, hari nie hari yg sangat penat.penat sbb buat coding dari pukul12 tghari smpai lah pkul8mlm.and still, coding tue crash lagi.sabar jela.dlm keadaan besabar tue, akhirnye saya give up jugak.last2 tutup je eclipse and emulator.smbung esok jela keje nie. =P

and tdi saya bru je blog-walking.tejumpe satu quote nie from blog kawan kpd kawan saya.

"kalau dirasakan hubungan ini menjadi fitnah kepada dakwah kita, maka pendamkanlah dulu sehingga saatnya kita bernikah"
saya setuju dengan quote nie.

jika sudah tertulis di luh mahfuz mmg ada jodoh antara kita, insyaAllah kita akan bersama juga nanti.

emmm.dah tak ingat bila kali terakhir saya tulis benda2 mcm nie.saya bukanlah org yg byk sgt ilmu pengetahuan dlm bidang agama nie.saya still belajar dan still dlm proses utk berubah menjadi seorang yang lebih baik.tp, itu lah.byk sgt dugaan dunia nie.

dan sejujurnye sejak saya di perantauan nie, saya jadi semakin lost pulak.yelah, bab berapa kali pegi masjid dah boleh kira dgn sebelah tangan je.keadaan dimana saya seorang je muslim dr malaysia dan saya perempuan myebabkan saya susah utk pegi masjid.takot lah nk pegi sorang2.masjid jauh dr hostel.yg dekat dengan hostel ialah bar, pub dan party room bawah bilik saya je.ish3.nasib baik iman masih kuat. =)

insyaAllah dah balik malaysia nanti bole lah perbaiki semua2 nie.semoga satu hari nanti saya mampu untuk berubah.amin =)

sekian, wsalam~

29 June 2011

S479 - wordless wednesday


picture taken @ Budapest, Hungary

sekian, wsalam~

S478 - give and take


lately saya asek post pasal tempat holiday je kan? sebenarnye saya bukanye post tiap2 hari pon,tp saya schedulekn sume post2 tue. =P senang sikit.haha.

post kali nie xnak ckp pasal holiday lagi dah.tp, nak ckp pasal give and take.

saya selalu demand macam-macam.and kalo sesiapa yang baik tue, die bagi ape yang saya nak wlpn die xde la bagi secara directly, tp die at least buat saya happy.sbb tue lah saya sayang die sbb die kawan yang baik.tp, bile die request sumting, saya susah sgt nk terime.saya susah sgt nk accept bende tue.

kalo selame nie die jadi seorang kawan saya yang sgt understanding, ape salahnye kali nie saya jadi kawan die yang sgt understanding pulak kan?

mungkin saya tak bole fikir pasal diri sendiri je.laen org, laen cara die befikir.mungkin saya bole multi-tasking, tp, die xbole multi-tasking.wlpn bende yang di request tue sbnrye buat saya sedey, tp, saya tak bole jadi selfish.kadang2 saya kne bekorban utk die jugak kalo saya sayang kawan saya mcm mane die buat dekat saya satu ketika dulu.kan?

oke lah.just give and take and think positive.sabar la kejap.xlame pon =)

setiap apa yang terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya.

sekian, wsalam~

27 June 2011

S476 - cardiff, wales


this will be my last post about my "long long outstation".

im in cardiff, wales for the 2nd time in my life.and it is raining here.so, i decide to go to indoor places instead of outdoor.

we went to National Museum Cardiff.and this museum is kinda the same with National History Museum in Vienna.emm.all museums are same rite.displaying old boring stuff.err.mybe just 1 or 2 stuff that is interesting.we just walk there for about 1 hour.because museum is boring and im not that kind of girl who love history. =P

and yes.indoor is boring.we rather walk in the rain than going to boring places. =P

we pass by Cardiff City Hall.i took a picture here just for the sake of having a picture of me with "cardiff" sign.haha.

an interesting plat i found on the road. =P

again.a castle.the name of this castle is cardiff castle.if im no wrong.=P this castle situated in the middle of the city.

oh ya.one thing about cardiff is they have love spoon.any couple can craft their names on this love spoon.i bought one love spoon with no names craft on it.haha.for time being, i will keep it ans when the time comes,i will give it to my future husband.opss.

me wearing wales hat =)

that evening, we decide to go to the bay.i think it is a must for everyone to visit cardiff bay since it is quite famous.rite?

nothing much about this bay.this is a huge entertainment centre.and the internal design of this building is awesome! super modern.

presenting wales flag.

oke then.that's all for my trip this time.

sekian, wsalam~

26 June 2011

S475 - stockholm,sweden


let's talk about sweden.this is sweden.very beautiful.really.i love sweden.

the city centre of sweden is called stockholm.i meet a malay couple here.what a small world.they are both from germany.and they are here for holiday but we are here just for flight transit from krakow to london.

emm.oke.back to story.stockholm is relly beautiful.the building is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and everything beautiful.but, we are not that lucky because it's raining on that day.but i can still feel sweden beautiful.

can you see the black cloud? it start to rain heavily a few minutes after this picture been taken.

the opera house.

at the old town and at the souvenir street to be more specific.we spent most of the time at this street because we cant walk that much since it is raining heavily.

yet, i still manage to buy cross-stitch stuffs here.haha.

with Sweden flag.i love this picture the most!

in front of the castle.the castle look modern that the others rite?

the sweden book shop.

along the river-side.

time to say byebye to sweden.

and say hi to london for the second time for this year.i dont have any special post for london because i dont have any pictures or stories about london because im in london just for the sake of shopping!

it's sale in london.and i MUST fully make use of this precious moment.

true.im a shopaholic, and im still a shopaholic now. =P

oke then.


25 June 2011

S474 - krakow, poland


we arrive at krakow after two-hours flight from oslo.everything about krakow is kinda same with malaysia.the weather.the people.the environment.and even the currency rate is almost the same also.

the next day, we had a tour around krakow.peaceful krakow.i even can take a photo on the railway.haha

we went to the most famous attraction at krakow..the salt mine! we can taste the salt from the wall of the mine.haha.but i cant understand anything what tour guide is talking about because we join the polish-tour-group.so, i cant share anything about salt mine.soory.

at Krakow city centre.

chop.chop.amazing rite? this man can float himself.im really curious how can he do this.does he use any magic? what do you think?

with Krakow flag.
again.at castle.but this time obviously at Krakow castle.

Galeria Krakowska, Krakow biggest shooping complex i guess.we spent most of the time here because i desprately need to spend all the money i had since i will not be using Polish Zloty anymore.

forever friend with Polska sign.
byebye Poland.

**Polska is Poland in Polish languange.

oke then.

sekian, wsalam~

24 June 2011

S473 - oslo, norway


this is top view of norway.beautiful rite?

and technically, we just went to oslo.just for flight transit from edinburgh to krakow.but we still have so time to walk around the the city centre.and frankly speaking, just the top view and the real view of norway is totally different.oslo is kinda dirty what i can say.

oh ya.we were there on sunday.all shops and attraction places were closed except for tourist information, opera house and a souvenir shop.haha.luckily it is just 4 hours transit!

at tourist information centre.we spent almost an hour here just to wait for our turn to ask "what should we visit at oslo in 4 hours time?" and the girl just reply a 1-minute answer, "oh, sorry.everything is close today".

background is norway flag.

pictures around opera house.seriusly, when you're at the opera house, you wont feel like you're in oslo because the opera house just look identical like the sydney opera house.suddenly feeling like im in sydney.hoyeehh!

at the airport.ready to fly to krakow!

23 June 2011

S471 - edinburgh, scotland


oke.b4 smbugn dgn cite edinburgh.saya nak ckp sumting.i hate to know that u know i miss u when i call u.

oke.nk ckp tue je.

welcome to edinburgh!

kteorg kt scotland 2hari je, tp, selame 2hari nie, xde la pegi mane sgt pon sbb 2-2 hari kt sini hujan.sejuk sgt nk jalan2.so, kterog pegi tempat dekat2 dgn hostel jela.

near Prince Street.Prince Street nie shopping street.

at Edinburgh Castle.

nie la map scotland.besar kan? yg caler oren tue, xde penduduk pon sbb dkt situ xsesuai utk didiami.so, maksudnye byk lagi la kawasan dekat edinburgh yg xde penduduk.

nie la serba sedikit gambar dekat edinburgh.kterog buat satu keje gila dkt sini which is kteorg naek bus n duduk je dalam bus tue selama 3jam.since dah ade ticket one day.why not habiskan mase dlm bus.kan?haha.nk jalan pon xbole sbb hujan, so, naek jela bus.

sorry kalo xde byk sgt cerita.xde mood nk blogging la pulak.

oke la.

sekian, wsalam~