18 April 2015

S619 - Kundasang, Sabah


Kundasang is one of the places that i always want to visit in Malaysia. Since one of my close friend had been transferred for good to Sabah, so some of us from KL decided to visit Sabah, and to spend our weekend together in Kundasang. Because we just missed our good times together back in KL.

We took the first Saturday flight to Kota Kinabalu. As soon as the flight take-off, i have been tasked to capture sunrise view since i am sitting at the window side while my other friends quickly find the best position to sleep. It took us two hours and a half to reach Kota Kinabalu.

*the sunrise view above the sky*

Three of us from KL and two of them from Kota Kinabalu, make five of us for our weekend trip to Kundasang. We had our lunch, which is my first meal in Sabah at one of the local restaurant on our way up to Kundasang. And my comment is the food is so tasteless... 

After about one hour journey, we reach at the first pit-stop which is Pekan Nabalu. Pekan Nabalu is a place where tourist stop by to view Mount Kinabalu, unfortunately the tips of the mountain has been covered by thick clouds. 

We then continue our journey to Poring Hot Spring, and we can try on the canopy walk here. This is my first time experience canopy walk, walking through the green rain forest. Very interesting! 

Super amazing view all the way up to Kundasang. Subhanallah. We stay at Kinabalu Pine Resort for one night and we manage to get promotion deal for MYR230 per night which include breakfast and dinner. My very first comment as i enter the room is, the room only have fan and i desperately looking for aircond! Not knowing the fact that it gonna be super duper cold at night and early morning. I'm shivering and have to tip toe to get wudu' for Subuh prayer. Apart of the fan issue, i live the design of this hotel, so classy and english. 

After Subuh prayer, we patiently wait for the sunrise outside our hotel room in the cold morning breeze. And so get full view of Kinabalu, we need to standby outside our hotel room before group of clouds cover him again. I am so amaze to see the rocky top of Kinabalu. 

*view of Kinabalu*

Before we head back to Kota Kinabalu, we drop by Cattle Dairy farm. Sabah local people always associate this place with New Zealand. They have those black and white cows here. Visitors can try on their dairy products. Super delicious and fresh. 

From my eyes, i don't see any New Zealand the Cattle Dairy Farm tue. Just a normal grassy area for cows. Nevertheless, i still enjoy taking picture around the farm. And after looking at my own picture, only then i realise ada lah skit-sikit view macam New Zealand. Maybe kebab ada white fence tue kot. So sad, only with camera lens can see the New Zealand view, not with my own eyes.

We stop by Tanjung Aru beach on our way to airport. The sunset view is sangat sangat cantik. For the first time ever i effortlessly manage to capture such beautiful and significant view.

We board the second last flight to KL that night, three of us slept all the way back to KL. Such a tiring weekend, and yet we still enjoy every single moments together. 

Thats all for my weekend trip to Kundasang. I really enjoy the trip!

Thank you.

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