22 February 2015

S618 - The Baju Kurung Project


My family plan to spend CNY holiday in Langkawi and we finally cancel the plan once we get to know everyone all over Malaysia is coming to Langkawi as well. We are paranoid-to-crowd kind of family.

In conclusion, everyone stay at home watching movies and eat mak's cooking.

After my half-day sleep on Thursday, i woke up and gave mak cotton fabrics for my Baju Kurung. And she came out with an idea to teach me how to sew my own Baju Kurung. Maybe she already get tired giving me free-Baju Kurung-service.

We start with the Baju-part. To sew Baju is quite easy for me. I get excited with the baju part, and cut all five set of fabrics which make it five set of Baju Kurung. Sangat banyak kan? I spent the whole Friday from morning till evening getting all the five Baju done.

In the meanwhile, i keep asking mak, "Susah tak nam jahit kain?". Around 9PM, my mom get to sew my own Kain. Since i have been focusing on five Baju during the day and only realise i will be back to Kuala Lumpur the next day, i became emotionally breakdown thinking of five Kain that i need to sew. I can't be having all those Baju without Kain. *sigh*

In comparison to Baju, Kain need some efforts and skills to sew the zip and waist part. During my first Kain session, i gave up on the waist part and get my mom to get it done. At that moment i feel so tired because i have been spending the whole day for the Baju part. I feel like my long holiday get wasted if i don't have wasting-time-doing-nothing session at home! Haha. Don't ask me how i get the other four Kain done.

Due to my silly reason to be at home doing nothing, i decided to do the finishing part such as get button on my Baju once i am back in Kuala Lumpur.

Here is my first sewing machine with five set of Baju Kurung. I posted the same picture in Instagram  and get few comments from my friends on how to sew Baju Kurung, nak tempah Baju Kurung, etc etc. Everything looks perfect in picture, and only my mom know who emotional i am to get all the Baju Kurung done.

Oh ya. I saw this cute sewing needle cushion in Pinterest few months back. And i decided to sew one for my machine. When i am in a very good mood to sew, i feel excited to sew everything.

Wait for my next post on teaching my friends sewing. Haha.

Till then, thank you.

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