21 February 2015

S617 - Kelas Ekonomi Keretapi


Happy Chinese New Year for those celebrating CNY and happy long holiday for Muslim! 

Since i just decided to spend my long holiday at my hometown few days before CNY, KTMB can only offer me Kelas Ekonomi seats with super freezing aircond. Im fine with it as long as i can be at home, because im afraid i can get into depression for being in KL alone without friends. Sounds a bit clingy kan?

Wednesday, 10PM, my journey on Kelas Ekonomi heading to Arau, Perlis started. To find out the lucky person sitting besides me is a man sangat meng-downkan. For a Kelas Ekonomi first-timer, i keep thinking of how to sleep with this sitting posture. Even worst, the aircond is super super cold and i dont have any blanket or something to cover on me; because KTMB provide me a blanket on superior night coach; still tak move on dengan superior night coach and my bad for not be extra mindful and anticipate how Kelas Ekonomi could be. Lesson learnt.

Apart of that how to sleep issue and super cold aircond, having a man sitting right beside me which just 2cm apart form each other, really make me want to cry. Alhamdullilah he went off at Butterworth, leaving me to conquer both seats. But at 4AM, seats was no longer my priority. I am shivering, and yes, it is literally shivering. 

Then i decided to get hot drink from the cafe. The moment i stand in front the cafe counter, the cafe guy said, "Kakak nampak macam sangat sejuk", i just smile back,  thank you adik kerana sangat memahami, not really in a good mood to talk until i get the hot chocolate. Haha. Being emotional.

Luckily i survived the other 4 hours, and reached Arau around 830AM. Not to mention another man came to have a seat beside me. During my last 2 hours in the train kot but i just dont care akibat terlalu mengantuk dan feel a bit comfortable after minum hot cholocate. 

I slept half of Thursday akibat terlalu penat with that 10 hours journey sitting on train seat. 

And today, luck still not on my side. I didnt manage to get superior night coach for my journey back to Kuala Lumpur. Again, the best that KTMB can offer me is a seat at Kelas Ekonomi. 

Today, 7PM, i straight away went to the cafe for dinner and as always order teh ais. I met the cafe guy who said that i look shivering last time. He smile at me, maybe because he still remember what had happen to me last few days back.

Itsokay adik. Kakak dah prepare blanket this time around. *flips hair*

With this Oman Airlines blanket, i imagine myself in an airplane for a 12 hours flight to Oman instead of a train. I feel better now enjoying the journey. Haha. Cant wait for cabin crew to serve breakfast the next morning. Tetibe totally in character. 

Till then, thank you.

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